Friday, January 11, 2008

Nurse in Comfort with the New Breastfeeding Pillow

Do your breast ever feel awkward when nursing your little one? Well we've found an amazing new product specifically for nursing moms. It's called the Cushie Pushie Breastfeeding Pillow. It was created for nursing mothers by Lois Whittaker, also a mother. The pillow was created to assist in maintaining a proper and comfortable breast position for easier breastfeeding. Nurse your darling with ease as this unique pillow pushes your breast upward, while keeping the breast in the correct position. With this pillow, you are hands free and able to talk on the phone or read a book without holding your breast. How's that for relaxation? What the heck, soak your feet too!

Are you a stylish mom and think this might be too old fashioned for you? Well, Cushie Pushies come in an amazing array of colors and patterns. Even the most fabulous mom can nurse her bundle of joy in style!

These have been tested and approved by several nursing moms and are #1 for baby shower must-haves. Cushie Pushie is also available organically! Check them out:

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